Sunday, May 13, 2007

Comment on Somnea topic by Chansath

chansath said... hello Somnea!
you siad Democray tries to prevent war by creat check and balance and seperate of power.Does the theory check and balace and seperattion of power really prevent war? and it is really needs only check and balance and seperation of pwer to prevent war?
There are many things are used to prevent war such as deplomatic negotiation,milary deploy and so on.therefore, not only check and balace and seperation of power to prevent war,
we should say the idea check and balance and seperation of power is the idea of creating democracy which they have the power or duty to check and balace !
another thing is that in your one paragrap, you siad democracy tries to prevent war by creat check and balance and seperation of power and next paragrap you try to say <>, through this we see that communist use this idea not to prevent war but for creat their own benifit,so it opposites your argurment.
Further comment is that you siad "Assebly and Security Council also have meeting with other organs if having any problems with their decesions or in oder to chech each other power they must have at least one meeting to discuss" according to United Nation and aritcle of UN charter,Security Council has more power than other organs, so other organs can check Security Council organ but not balance. When other organs fial from the discussion,negotiation,medeation, and so on they bring the case to Security Council.
May 10, 2007 3:26 AM


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