Sunday, May 13, 2007

Review on Sokha's paper.

This is a review on Sokha’s paper.

“I also disagree with Rousseau that men are necessarily simple and innocent all the time in the natural state. Their behaviors will change at the point when they face scarcity of resources due to the rapid growth of population living in their area.”
I do not believe that scarcity is a problem in the state of nature. In the state of nature, people lived in an undeveloped condition. They consume so little resources. I believe that the state of nature would not allow the chance for people to actually socialize enough to create technology that would enable them to consume too much resource... They will consume only what they need and maybe with a little saving. They would not try to stock up too much resource because then it would mean they would also have to guard their private property since there is no central government to pass and enforce law to safeguard private property.
U also stated about the rapids growth of population in an area. I question this statement. I do not think that in the state of nature people gather to live in one common area and settle there. People tend to move around and scatter all over the place. Population might growth rapidly but not necessary crowded in one place.
Therefore I believe that scarcity and population growth won’t be a problem in the state of nature that will actually affect human behavior to change their natural form of being shy and innocent as Rousseau suggested.



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