Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hi Vichet! This is Sokha. I have read your assignment and I have one comment on yours as well as my suggestion. And, the others are good, I think. The followings are my comments and my suggestion on your paper.
- Hey Vichet! You said “he (Hobbes) did not give power to the king but he believed that by only doing so will the society and the people within that society be at peace… .”
What you said just like it is likely that Hobbes was the person who gave the king the power. However, he was, actually, just a philosopher; hence, he did not have any right to give power to the king. You should change by saying in another way because it is a bit confusing, just my idea.

- I partially agree with your opinion saying that Hobbes was too pessimistic to trust people enough to give them the right to make decision regarding the welfare of the society because during his time, most people were not educated enough. However, I, besides this, also think one reason that people were not allowed to make significant decision regarding the welfare of the society was because most people were not well educated like you mentioned above. However, another reason was possibly, from my point of view, some people had enough ability and knowledge to make decision regarding the welfare of their country, but because the king wanted to monopolize the power refusing them the right to make important decision concerning the affair of the country. Thus, people could not make any decision related to the welfare of their country.


Blogger Vichet said...

when i say HOBBES did not give power to the king i meant that he did not support the idea of giving power to the king. it was a figure of speech. i didn't mean it literally.

May 14, 2007 at 2:15 AM  

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