Friday, May 11, 2007

Comment on “Checks and Balances” Vs “Separation of Power”

In your introduction you mentioned that “Democracy which is one of the ideology that try to prevent war and which created the idea of checks and balances or we could say that the idea of separation of power.”
Your argument is not clear. You should describe us more detail about the democratic characteristics that you think can prevent war. It is also not clear that to what extent of conflict democracy can prevent I mean conflicts between domestic factions or world conflict. To my understanding, I think that the concept of democracy is to prevent government from abusing or holding too much power when it rule rather than preventing war as general. Even though America itself as we generally refer to one of the most democratic countries, it still cannot prevent war from happening domestically. As you know that the American constitution, which is composed of the principles of democracy and checks and balances, adopted and promulgated in 1788 it cannot prevent its civil war took place about 100 years later. This is the best example that I think democracy cannot prevent war in a country, which practiced it.
Internationally, democracy can also not prevent conflicts from happening especially great wars such WWI and WWII. As you know that most potential actors of these two world wars are the countries that implement democratic principle i.e. the US, Great Britain, France etc… why these countries or democracy itself cannot prevent these conflicts? Can you show me that what roles can democracy play and what is the significance of democracy in these situations? I don’t see any importance of democracy or what democracy can help in these situations? Can you tell me more?
Secondly, I also disagree with your argument in the introduction above which saying that democracy created of checks and balances or the idea of separation of power. Democracy is not a man it is just an ideology and it is created by man. How can you say that it created checks and balances and separation of power? Reversely, the concept of checks and balances and separation of power are created by men. Among them James Madison played significant role in forming this idea and introduced it to the US constitution.


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