Friday, May 25, 2007


Hi Sokha
This is Somnea and I have one comment from one part of your paper

First, I want to make sure from you what you mean chaos in Country 4
Second, is that you are right that Mao had destroyed the whole of his country, but its not mean his have purpose to do that and I belief his ideology was extremes yet the people who was work for him might used his ideology much more and more extremes in order to make him happy so that why it could lead him too proud and continues his misunderstanding of political ideology that destroy himself, his people and his country. And you also have mention about Cambodia which according to my understanding Pol Pot didn't kill anyone by purpose and he might understand the Communism in wrong way so that why that lead to the other people believe him work for his ideology to kill people in order to make him happy which is like Mao way, So it seem to understand that both want to develop their country and help their country but they used their Political Ideology in the wrong way and also not accept other criticizes from his misunderstanding


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