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The Future American Fascism



Fascism or National Socialism ideology appeared in Europe already especially In Germany or Italy and so on. Their ideas were about wanting to control the Europe. If Fascism appears in United States as political turmoil what will movement shows in this country? American fascism does not take name as Fascism or National Socialism brand as in European; it can simply take the name as “Americanism” or later called American Party which direct control under the ideology of perfect society.

American fascism will not able to promote racial theory of chauvinism base on race, that is so far white American are concerned, in reality there is no American race unless American Indian. American people lives every where in the world, where all white people come together to enter the nation, so it will be throw into the political turmoil. Therefore, American fascism will have to take place opposite the fascism in German Nazism.

In United States, if there is racial appear it will be probably non-American reject to the race. In this country, there are a lot of people come from different countries in the world, the racism will be the big issues, especially will attack against Japanese, Chinese, Negro or Jew. On the other hand, those people who declare themselves as American nationality will support this event. So there will be having only one interest group in this country while aliens will be kicked out. The situation will become dark and the number of unemployment also increases rapidly.

For instance, in nineteenth century, American Party or Know Nothing Party had already used the ideal that only native-born Americans were to whole the office. While it will be continued as the program of fascism, surely it should be suicide for any native group to attempt to win the country with any program that create hostility who those born on the out side who number today fifteen million and with their relative forty million, in United States.

American philosophy always ideal with the new world, new social order, where the old world of racial were combined all together In Europe and in American only thinks in new way, so there will be big Europe racial campaign fuse in to one and big antagonism appears as political chaos.

The Nationalism of culture member of ruling classes of Europe did not necessary prevent them from having their own type of internationalism. European internationalism, however, was an internationalism emphasized national different. So doing, the Variety of reactionary of such internationalists should support the ruling classes in which they think that their ruling classes were better than others and must conquer or subject the others. For instance, Germany was one of the examples that want to conquer the world and finally this country fell down. By this model the school of thinkers, each nation of Europe should have its own independent and culture to make European richly cosmopolitan nation.

American internationalism was just the opposite. It did not reject the other races. It took them all into its friends and respected them in its own image. The internationalism of America was really a super nationalism. Apparently, just as the United States was greater than one country geographically, but equal to the whole continent of Europe in area, so it was more than one nation socially but a whole world in itself, ethnically and sociologically. In Europe, too, racial struggles were bound up with class struggles. In America, just as there was a general classlessness, so all races were fused into one.

We see already as the theory of race in Germany of ruling class, If American take this model as theory of ruling class, American theory will take this advantage for controlling the whole world and is a world philosophy that take it as assimilate to all people. So it will be the theory of imperialism that American wants to conquer the world.
Germany as the history of fascism that wanted to conquer in Europe but fell as its practice it could not bring peace and prosperity into the world but only conflict and war. American took over and become leader. American has opportunities of using the imperialist objective of the future fascist or American Party with its program of Americanism. It is made up of history in Europe which should be organized all together so that will be listening to the reason. In this way, we see that it is the door which will be shut down of communism and class war like Germany, before the war felt that to control in Europe. So American under its duty of fascism feels that want to organize the world. Therefore, it is the program of American fascism that plan for the world, utopia for the world.

Utopia always has been connected intimately with the ideals of America. By its newness, by its uniqueness, by its apparent violation of historical laws, by the intrinsic experimentation of its life, America always has appeared as the new Jerusalem. The idea of being able to violate the traditional has gone hand in hand with the widespread belief in luck that prevails in this country.

The utopia is the idea of perfect society that brings a thousand of voters to get the plan of good society which the former fascism had already used and collected thousand of people to follow this idea. In United States, the utopia is not a dream of impossible to the reality but is a dream of a real world through scientific experiment.
Although, the ideal of utopianism in American is not the ideal of poetry but the ideal of scientist that plan to organize in society. The industrialism of American life is well known as modern technology that prevents utopianism from having any thing but a scientific character. The developing of modern technology is a plan of Americanism or American Party that try to advance of its program.
In other countries, fascism has fought openly the slogan of the French Revolution, "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity," using its own passwords, "Order, Discipline, Hierarchy." In the United States, however, an incipient fascist movement may well use these very liberal terms for its own purpose. There is nothing more conservative in America than these traditional concepts. Fascism could not overthrow them.

In American, the government has never been controlled direct by big business men, That is to say the wealthy heads of corporation have not sought political pots in order to take charge by government. Big Business people mostly are middle classes. In United Stats that is the history of middle class are initiative take advance in things political, where bourgeois family always bargain the political situation. In this reason, we see that American nation focus more in middle class.

The fascism movement must rely on middle class. Slogans of equality will go hand in hand with slogans against the class war. If fascism arises in this country there will be not much because there are many interest groups will appear to prevent the class struggle from even appearing in such a revolutionary formation. Fascism in Italy sprang up in order to crush communism. Fascism in the United States will appear in order to prevent a native communism from rearing its head.
This is also true since once the American proletariat really moves in the direction of communism, the end for world capitalism will soon be in sight. There will be no long process between beginning and end in America, as there has been in Europe. In American if nothing else, guarantees directness and speed in social evolution. Therefore, the chief job of the American ruling class must be to prevent the masses from even starting to move in the direction of communism.
Europe is always at war and engaged in interminable fights. An end to this chaos; an end to eternal wars! Peace and plenty; planned economy for the world! These are the catchwords that American fascism can use, and in this way American super nationalism will offer itself as a substitute both for the anarchical internationalism of the European bourgeoisie and the Marxist internationalism of the proletarian communist.
European fascism has been born in a struggle against the existing constitution and framework of government that has permitted communism and the labor movement to grow. In its attack against communism, fascism has also blamed the liberal constitutions which had allowed the subversive movements to advance to such strength. In America, however, fascism can arise well within the framework of the Constitution, through a Constitutional dictatorship. After all, the Constitution arose without a labor movement in America and has continued until today without much of a labor movement. Under the Constitution, dictatorial powers of the President may be provided, company unions formed. Such a Constitution of theoretical classlessness and pragmatic lynching of labor need not be fought by fascism. The Constitution may have to be modified in interpretation and even in letter, but American fascism may well advance against communistic labor with the slogan "Obey the Constitution" on its lips.
It must never be forgotten that, in the main, agriculture in America was developed after capitalism had become powerful in England, the mother country, and thus agriculture did not precede capitalism, but borrowed all capitalist features in its production of land products. The American farmer was a capitalist adventurer, going where profit was high. He had no feudal traditions. He migrated from New England to the Middle West and from the Middle West to the Far West. Within each state, the mobility of the farmer was notorious. Even among the Negro share-croppers it is estimated that their migration within the South was far greater than even their extraordinary trek to the North.
All in all, all fascist philosophy has been a turning back to the past, but America has no past to which to turn back. Fascism is a sign of a defeated country, a country afraid. The Americans know no fear. They have never been defeated. They do not appreciate their limitations and would not recognize them if they saw them. Why should the American middle class turn back? In Europe, fascism is the sign of the weak and desperate; in America, it will take the feature of saving the world.
Old World fascism is a movement that proposes to the middle class that it can keep its security and position only by crushing the working class; in America such a theory of progress by crushing others never has been adopted. There has been generally wealth enough for all, so that one did not have to bother his neighbor. Wealth came from one's own initiative and hard work rather than from pushing others down. At least, the contrary was never admitted by the middle class of the United States, where the class struggle was still in an unconscious state. Here, the middle class always idealized labor, and it has been from the middle class that the native laboring elements have come. On the other hand, the native labor movement always has been closely allied to the middle class. It is hard to believe that the millions of middle class members can adopt as their philosophy in America that their position can be secured.
Therefore, we see that the fascist movement in the United States is the movement towards complete governmental control, collectivism in all forms of life, destruction of the labor movement, and compulsory abolition of classes, will take on forms in this country entirely different from those anywhere else.
The mere formation of fascist groupings, the continued centralization of the State, and the wiping out of political democracy and parliamentarism are bound to create a profound reaction in the ranks of labor itself, leading to open class formations in the interests of labor. Once the labor movement will have organized on its own account, it will clear the political atmosphere. The middle class is floundering today precisely because it has no one took for aid. The labor movement, strangely politically silent, with no adequate program and organization of its own, makes no attempt to fight for power.
When labor does begin to move, however, it is bound to show such strength as to win to its side large numbers of the middle class whose interest labor really carries forward. If fascism results in the stimulation of the labor movement to counter with its own mass organizations, then it will have accomplished the setting off of the spark of the struggle for power between capital and labor in America. From this it can be seen that fascism can have no long future in America.

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