Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thearin's Comments on: Comparison and Outcomes of Mao Zedong's Regime and Deng Xiaoping's Regime

In the section of Mao’s Leadership of China you mentioned that “Mao promised a new era for China after becoming the chairman the PRC but in reality, he was not.” I totally agree with you that as soon as Mao came to power, like many other leaders, he had promised with his people but you did also not specify clearly what he promised. You only said “new era for China”. However, I think that Mao really did what he promised with his people but the ways he did, the strategies he used made situation in his country more severe and worse as you also stated in later paragraph that “I think the way Mao led his country was not the way to develop his country but to destroy the whole China like the way Pol Pot did in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979.” I completely agree with this because I think no one leader wants their country be bad but the way they use is another question.
In the Great Leap Forward you said that “I think no one likes Mao besides several dictatorial leaders, such as Adopt Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot and a few other guys in Italy and Cuba, and the rest of the world.” First, I might agree with if you said that former communist leaders such as Lenin, Stalin, Fidel Castro in Cuba, and Pol Pot tended to like Mao Zedong because they were communist leaders and believed in the same ideology. Furthermore, I think that the may like each other in term of ideology but in term of state interest and privacy they may not like each other. For example, even though Soviet Union and China were both communists but their relationship was not always good. You may know that during Mao was in power he also broke relationship with Russia due to the cause that Soviet stop providing technical assistance to China. Second, I might agree with if you said Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler like Mao Zedong because they were dictators. But in term of ideologies they may not like each other. For example, ideologically, Mao was a communist but Hitler was not. I agree that they both opposed Democracy and capitalist economic system and they both used socialism as their economic system but their socialism was also different. Mao supported Marxist socialism but Hitler strongly criticized Marxian socialism in the respect that Marxian socialism rejects private property when Nazi socialism encouraged having private property.


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